Hello and welcome to my website.  First of all – Who are you and why are you here?

I’m going to make some assumptions here.  I’m guessing that you are a small business owner who’s REALLY good at what you do, passionate about giving your customers and clients your very best, already successful to a degree but ab-so-lutely, pos-i-tively READY to take the next step in growing your business to be super-successful.


I’m also guessing that, like so many business owners, what started out as your passion and dream has become a bit of a nightmare – working all hours to keep up, never quite finding time for all that freedom you dreamed of having, being the most demanding boss you EVER had…and really not quite sure how you CAN grow when you’ve no time to breath!

When we first start out in business for ourselves, its ok – after all, ‘how hard can it be?’  You’re brilliant at ‘that thing you do’ and adding in a bit of marketing, a bit of book-keeping and admin, well, no problem, you can fit that in around your customers.  Let’s face it, in the beginning there weren’t too many customers so you had time and didn’t really want to pay someone else to do these things!

But let’s fast-forward a bit to when your persistence at marketing starts to pay off.   You have more and more calls and customers and trying to do everything yourself leaves you feeling exhausted and frustrated and you can’t really see how you can get ahead.

You KNOW you should be spending some time working ON your business, all the books and mentors say so, but just HOW will you find the time?

The thing is, running a business is HARD!  And a bit like babies and small children, doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

But that’s EXACTLY what you need.  An instruction manual for your business.

A detailed blueprint of every aspect of your business, that will help you make the RIGHT decisions, help your staff to operate to your standards and help your business to G-R-O-W to its full potential.

Imagine your business, a year or two from now…

I spent the whole day playing in the garden with my daughter yesterday because I had nothing to do! 

The new systems mean my staff can just get on with the day to day stuff and I can just focus on working ON my business and taking the time to enjoy life

”Steve, ”Starlane

That’s what I can help you to achieve.

Join me on a journey of discovery and implementation that will give you back your time and freedom.  Start with a free webinar, or jump straight in with my online programme or a live workshop.  Or hire me for a business systems review.  Wherever you choose to start…

…I’m here to make YOUR business work for YOU!

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